Who is Haive Music?

Just who is Haive Music?  Haive Music is the solo project of John Leahy that aims to blend various electronic styles together to form something truly unique and interesting. Psybient, psychill, chillout, melodic downtempo, and glitch are joined with traditional organic elements. While difficult to precisely categorize and describe, the style works to build a peaceful and relaxing environment for those listeners who are along for the journey Actively listen for each and every subtle buried and hidden nuance, or simply enjoy as meditative background music. Either way, Haive Music is sure to tickle the ear and excite the mind.

John has enjoyed many different styles of music throughout his life.  He has played drums and percussion for over 20 years now and grew up listening to traditional rock, beginning to shift into the much heavier styles of Metalcore during his late teens and early 20’s.  It wasn’t until his mid 20’s when he finally discovered electronic music.  The more he listened, the more he became familiar with some of the common themes, styles, and producers.  Being completely unlike anything he’d ever experienced before, he was instantly hooked and was unable to get enough.  Somehow, traditional music seemed dull, repetitive, and unimaginative in nature.  It was like most everything outside of electronica had been done before.  Captivated by the multitude of styles, Psybient in particular, stood out to him predominantlyThe intricate and imaginative soundscapes were indescribable and seemingly impossible to make, crafted with so much raw emotion and care.  He knew he had to know more – He had to know how this incredible music was created.

and just like that, the life-long journey began…

Today, John spends most of his time working in his home studio crafting the sounds that are Haive Music.
Highly experimental in nature – ambient somber meets with rhythmic percussion.  Happy melodic elements blend seamlessly together with slightly out of tune glitches, and deep rich bass helps shift the transfer the flow of energy in and out of every track.  Meanwhile, glitchy intricate transitions shift each track through a magical metamorphosis from start to finish.

Join him along this magical voyage while he continues to shape and evolve his unique and expressive musical style.

Production Machine

Hackintosh (Catalina)

8-core i9 9900K / liquid cooled

Gigabyte Z390 Designare motherboard

Samsung 970 Evo 2tb PCIe NVMe flash storage

64gb DD4 Ram

AMD Radeon VII 16 GB

Seasonic PRIME Ultra 1000W PSU


Ableton Live 10

FX, Synths, & VSTs

FabFilter products

iZotope Trash2

Native Instruments Komplete 10

SoundToys products

Spectrasonics Omnisphere

Waves products

XferRercords Serum




Younger Brother





Mr. Bill




Production Hardware

Ableton Push 2 controller

Axiom Air49 midi-keyboard

Focusrite Clarett 8Pre audio interface

IsoAcoustics isolation stands

LG 34UC97-S monitor

Shure KSM27 microphone

Shure SRH1540 headphones

Studio RTA Producer Station

Focal Twin6 Be studio monitors

Yamaha HS8S studio subwoofer