San MG Ableton Push 2 Wooden Stand

Is the San MG Ableton Push 2 Wooden Stand the perfect complement for your Ableton Push 2? 

It just may be!


Anyone who has an Ableton Push 2 controller (and uses it regularly) knows that while this is a lovely piece of equipment, having it sitting there flush on your desk or workspace isn’t really the best angle for it.  That is, unless you’re generally standing up, or sit well above your desk/workspace.  For me (and probably many others), that’s not the case.


I’ve been looking around for a viable option to angle the stand up slightly toward me for a good long while now.  My criteria was simple.  It obviously needed to have a static or adjustable angle.  It needed to be sturdy, stable, high quality, and properly fit the Ableton Push 2.  Finally, it needed to be affordable.  The San MG stand meets all of my requirements and then some! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s easy on the eyes, too!


After scouring the web for what other people have used to hold their gorgeous Push 2 controllers up at an angle, I found lots of solutions that were being used.  A lot of the more affordable options such as the dirt-cheap universal laptop stands that can be found at IKEA for around $5 each seemed ‘okay’ at first glance, but they ultimately didn’t fit the controller very well.  Sure, they were affordable, even portable (if that’s important to you), but for me, I wanted something that offered a better and more stable fit and design.  That realization alone left almost all universal options – both those made for controllers and those options that weren’t – off the table.


Enter custom made controller housings.  Here again, there are several options to choose from.  Most are made of wood, but the quality and price of them varies greatly by manufacturer.  I had originally stumbled upon a company called Mixing Table.  They custom make absolutely gorgeous hand-crafted wooden stands and (you guessed it) mixing tables for producers.  They had a stand I’d been drooling over since I first stumbled upon it, but that level of craftsmanship and higher-end materials come at a cost.  They weren’t cheap, coming in at around $220 + shipping.  Yikes!  They make a beautiful stand, but I needed something more affordable.


Continuing my search I found a lot of less expensive knock-off stands located around the web.  Most of them were nothing more than cheap plywood with fake wood stickers stuck to the outsides to give the impression they were ‘real wood’.  What’s shocking about these units is they were going for around $60-80 a pop (plus shipping), and looked like they were made from scrap parts laying around.  More so, they were basically just bolted together with cheap hardware store parts, most even having bolts protruding out from the sides that were responsible for holding the Push 2 in place, utilizing no real ‘base’.  Not real good support for the Push 2, although they claim they do that to improve airflow to the Push, but the Push 2 doesn’t really get hot.  It’s evident these companies are buying up cheap parts in bulk and reselling them for huge profit gains.  No thanks – NEXT!


I had almost given up my search when I randomly stumbled upon a post one day.  The author mentioned a company called San MG which resided in Poland.  He said they made a beautiful wooden stand for the Ableton Push 2 that was affordable, real wood, hand crafted, and available in 2 colors.  This, I had to see.  I went to their website, and sure enough, they offered exactly what he was describing.  Gorgeous design, actual real wood with your choice of either Light Oak or Dark Merbau.  At the time, the desk I was using was dark and so I opted for the Dark Merbau unit, only to replace my production desk with a light oak colored one a few weeks later.  No complaints though – the Dark Merbau unit looks great, even on a lighter colored desk.  I’m sure the light oak stand would look great on a dark desk too should you choose to go that route instead.  In either case, it’s very clear the stand has been made with care, and the whole thing screams quality.


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The unit itself is non-adjustable and is set to a static angle of 15°.  While some people might desire a certain level of adjustability on their stands, I really didn’t need anything like that as long as it was angled correctly to begin with.  That was the case with the San MG stand.  I tried it on numerous desks as well as chair heights, and their static angle worked perfect across all of them for me.  The unit is very light weight, but not cheap feeling in the least. There is a slight gap on the back side that’s left for you to cleanly tuck cables away should you choose to use it – I didn’t feel the need with my desk and cable routing.  Soft pads serve as the feet for the unit and don’t scratch your workspace.


Perhaps best thing about this stand is that the Push 2 controller drops in and fits like a glove!  There is no wobble or play on the unit, and at the same time you don’t have to force your controller into the stand.  It simply just fits – perfectly – just as it should.  Due to the static angle and solid support for the unit, you can still utilize the Push 2 without worrying about body flex with either the stand or the controller, and the stand does not affect how responsive the pads on the Push are (which is a common complaint among those with universal or lesser quality stands).  Although they have some pictures on their site that show screws on the side, my unit doesn’t seem to have these.  I believe mine was glued together.  There are no other bolts or hardware to scratch anything up on this stand, and I personally feel that it puts less wear and tear on the buttons of your controller as well as protecting your controller from dings and scratches that might find their way onto it without using something like this.


As far as their Customer Service goes, it couldn’t be better.  When I was looking to purchase the unit, they were initially sold out of the dark colored ones.  A short email over to them and a few short hours later – Krystian emailed me back and let me know they were already well on their way to making some more of the dark ones and they would have those ready to ship within the week.  Sure enough, they did, and more so, she actually emailed me back to follow up with me and let me know they were finished, in-stock, and ready to ship.  Impressive!  She answered some more basic questions for me mostly related to the dimensions of the unit so I could ensure it would fit properly on my desk too.  Very prompt service, very helpful, and a great company to work with overall.  Ordering and communication were painless.



Honestly, I have no real complaints with this unit, especially for the price of $69.50 + shipping (which was about $20 give or take), as you’ll be hard-pressed to find a stand of similar quality anywhere at this price.  San’s website claims this takes up less space than the Push 2 itself on your desk.  I’m not quite sure I follow there logic with that one.  I mean, your controller drops into their stand, which means the stand itself is ever so slightly larger than the controller itself as it’s supported on all sides.  Not a problem at all, but I felt I should point it out.  I suppose you gain a tiny bit behind the back of the unit where they have the angled pieces to support the unit upward, but that’s pretty negligible to be honest.


The felt pads they use on the bottom of the unit slide around pretty easy, and while they don’t scratch the desk and I’m glad they put them on there, I will probably eventually find some different pads to replace theirs with.  It’d be nice if it felt a little more ‘sticky’ on my desk as the unit does feel like it slides just a bit too easily for my personal tastes.  Depending upon what you’re setting this stand on, that may not even be an issue for you.  In the case of my desk which has more of a laminate and smooth surface, it does, but it’s not to the point where the Push is unplayable.   While I’m not really sure what could be used in place of the felt pads they use, surely a trip to the local hardware store would yield a fairly inexpensive solution.


The only other thing to take note of (and again, not a complaint with this stand) is I believe there are some physical differences between the Push 1 and the Push 2, and San MG clearly labels this stand for use with the Push 2.  I do not own or have access to a Push 1, so I can’t say for certain if one will fit properly into this or not.


The only true downside to this unit is a potentially long shipping time.  San MG is located in Poland.  It’s important to note that they clearly state on their website’s shipping FAQ (and again in their email after you place your order) that shipping can (and likely will) take a while – up to 30 *business days* actually.  You *do* need to be patient.  While they do offer expedited shipping, I opted for standard delivery.  It took a solid 1.5 months to get to my house.  It seems to have either sat in a shipping container in Poland or over here in Customs for quite a while.  I expect it was probably due to them not shipping the containers until they have a full load.  Truth be told though, yeah the shipping takes a while, and expedited shipping may speed things up slightly, but this is an international shipping issue.  It’s not a fault of the product or the company who makes it at all, and it’s important to realize that.  There’s not much they (or you for that matter) can really do to get around it.  You just need some patience.


On the plus side, they boast an impressive 100% delivery rate, and in the unlikely and unfortunate event issues are encountered after and extended period of time, they state they will send another to you or refund your money.  You don’t really have anything to lose.  Obviously, my unit was delivered after some time, and it’s an outstanding product at a great price that was well worth the wait!  It’s been a great addition to my studio, at a fraction of the price of other units that have the same (or worse) build quality, and it looks just as nice as the other far more pricy wooden stand options I had come across.


Final Thoughts

If you have a Push 2, are looking for a great stand – at a great price – and you don’t mind waiting a little while for it to get to you, then do yourself a huge favor and pick one of these up!  You won’t regret it!  Even better is their 100% money back guarantee on the unit.  The unit is top notch in build quality, their customer service was an absolute joy to work with, and it fits the controller absolutely perfectly.


Seriously, what’s not to love about this beautiful stand?  I’m glad I picked mine up, and I know you’ll be glad you did the same!

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